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Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic provide a range of treatments to enhance and improve the look of your skin. All of our skin treatments are carried out by a qualified nurse so you know that they are safe and completed using the correct procedures.

We offer all of our customers a free no obligation consultation to pick the best treatments solutions and to recommend the number and amount of treatment required. Once a skin treatment has been carried out we provide a free follow up review after two weeks along with top up treatments if they are needed. 

All treatments can be carried out at our clinic on Bedford Place in Southampton to ensure that we have the best possible environment in terms of comfort, lighting and hygiene. Our current prices for skin treatment are:



 1 area £130 - special introductory price £100

 2 areas £180 - special introductory price £150

3 areas £230 - special introductory price £200

4 areas £250 - special introductory price £230

£30 extra charge for men due to higher amounts of Botox used


Treatment areas: frown, forhead, crows feet

Other areas: brow lift, bunny lines, marionette lines, smokers lines, gummy smile, chin (£50 each)

Botox for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) £300 for underarms


Dermal Fillers
One syringe (1 ml) £200
Two syringes (at same time) £350

Treatment areas: nasolabial lines, marionette lines, cheeks 


Chemical Skin Peels £60

Special introductory price £35


Microneedling £120

Special introductory price £75


We also offer a loyalty scheme for repeat customers and discounts if you refer a friend. The treatments can be provided to improve the look of a number of different skin issues. These include


Crows Feet

We provide non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments for Crows Feet using botox. Crows Feet are often one of the first types of wrinkle to be become visible. They are caused by the fatty tissue which helps to keep the skin tight and firm breaking down. This is a natural process but can be accelerated by a number of factors including squinting and exposure to sunlight. Botox is a quick and safe way to repair this damage and remove crows feet.


Forehead Lines

Forehead lines can be caused by Hormonal Aging and Genetic Aging. Both result in the breakdown and weakening of collagen and elastin over time which leads to the formation of wrinkles, including those on your forehead. We tend to use Botox to treat forehead lines as we find this to be the most effective treatment. Depending on the size of area being treated and your own individual history we may need more than one botox treatment to get the desired result. We can discuss the number of treatments, and the areas to be treated, at your initial free consultation.


Frown Lines

Frown lines are mainly age-related but they can also be created by repetitive facial movements such as frowning or squinting, and can develop in younger adults. As the elastin in your skin weakens due to aging and environmental damage your skin has a harder time “springing” back into place after you make these movements. As a result, what were once temporary frown lines can turn into permanent wrinkles. We mainly use Botox to treat frown lines and one or two simple treatments can make a really noticeable difference in reducing the appearance of frown lines. 


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a collagen material which can be made from both synthetic and natural substances. We use dermal fillers to treat a number of age related skin conditions such as creases, folds and wrinkles. Our qualified practitioners can discuss with you whether dermal fillers are the best option for you and discuss any questions or concerns you have around the treatment.


Botox Injections

Botox (or Botulinum toxin) injections can be used to alter the appearance of your skin to reduce the prominence of wrinkles and lines and reduce excessive sweating. Botox is a commonly used treatment which takes between 2 and 14 days to take effect. Our qualified practitioners can discuss with you whether botox injections are the best option for you and discuss any questions or concerns you have around the treatment.


Chemical Skin Peel

Chemical skin peels are one of the most frequently requested medical cosmetic treatments in the UK. Not only do chemical peel treatments remove the superficial layers of skin (epidermis), they also stimulate production of the body’s own source of collagen which is the substance in the skin responsible for providing its elasticity. We offer the Glycolic Facial Peel a superficial peel, which is perfect if you simply wish to replenish your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance or if you are interested in a deeper skin peel we offer a stronger concentration only administered by medical professionals.

We believe that regular peels provide an excellent anti-ageing regime. Over time (approx 6 months to 1 year) your skin will appear fresher and younger looking and fine lines will disappear.


Micro needling with Dermaroller and Dermapen

Advanced micro-medical skin-needling is a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. Both the Dermaroller and the Dermapen is an excellent treatment for acne scarring and giving a smoother texture and surface to the skin.

Micro needles penetrate through the epidermis, opening the skin and initiating the skin’s natural healing process, increasing production of many important aspects for healthy skin. New collagen and elastin is created - these are fibres within the skin responsible for its strength, flexibility and elasticity.

It can take 6 weeks until visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen and the process will continue over the following months providing you with a natural and long lasting enhancement. This advanced micro-medical Collagen Induction Therapy leads to younger looking skin which is bright and healthy in appearance.



Still have questions? We provide a free initial consultation for all of our clients where we can answer any questions that you may have and discuss what skin treatments would be best for you. You can book by completing our contact form or by giving us a call on 07842 648922